Court Orders in Mesa

Divorce is a process overseen by the Arizona family courts. Even if you decide your entire divorce plan through mediation, the agreement is memorialized in a Consent Decree of Dissolution of Marriage which must still be submitted to a court for review and approval. After this step is completed, the Consent Decree can be enforced.

If your ex-spouse fails to comply with the terms written into the final decree, you have the right to seek court intervention. We can help you with any court order issues that you are facing and can make sure that you receive the appropriate legal help to resolve your situation.

Our Court Order Services

After divorce, things change. You may discover that the parenting time schedule you arranged is not working with your new job or that your spousal maintenance payments are too overwhelming after a medical emergency has set you back financially. When circumstances change, you can go to the court and request a post-decree modification to your divorce terms.

Our team can help you approach the court and make a case that can possibly alter the previous orders. We can also patiently listen to your problems with the original decree and help you explore alternative modification options.

Temporary orders
Sometimes, when couples separate, it is difficult to communicate and reach agreements on how to share the children, or who should get exclusive possession of the residence, and how much money should be paid for child support and even spousal maintenance. This is when temporary orders should be considered. Couples may need temporary orders for legal decision-making, parenting time, child support and spousal maintenance, and other issues. Temporary orders are only active until the divorce decree is filed or otherwise modified by the court. When the decree of dissolution of marriage is finalized, the terms of the divorce are issued. Our team can help you from the start and assist you in receiving the temporary orders that will suffice until the divorce has concluded.

If you are dealing with any difficulties in your divorce case, don't hesitate to call our team. Stein and Stein, P.C. was started by a husband-and-wife team. Our divorce lawyers in Mesa, and our firm's supportive staff, can help you arrange the proper temporary orders, enforcements, or modifications so that you can move forward with life.

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