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Divorce is a life-altering decision and shouldn't be taken lightly. Arizona is considered a "no fault" divorce state, which means that filers don't need to identify an at-fault party for the termination of the marriage. Conciliation Services through the Court is available to assist the parties if reconciliation is an option.

How Arizona Handles Divorce Cases

Residency requirements
In order to grant a divorce, the court must find that one of the parties was domiciled in the state of Arizona or was a member of the armed services stationed in the state of Arizona for a period of 90 days prior to the filing of the petition for dissolution of marriage. Venue and personal jurisdiction will also affect where the petition for dissolution of marriage may be filed and what issues may be addressed by the court.

Property division
Many people are under the impression that it is easy to divide up the property-just do it equally. Sometimes it isn't so simple. A.R.S 25-318 provides for community property to be divided EQUITABLY, and that determination is subject to the court's review of the facts. The Court should also affirm each party his / her own sole and separate property. When addressing property, the parties may also have differing opinions on the value and the disposition. Our co-founding attorney, Maria Stein, has 30 years' experience in dealing with these issues at the level your case needs, including handling expert business and real estate appraisers to assist in the presentation of your case at trial, if necessary. If it is simple, she will handle it without complications, but if you have complex property issues, she is experienced in assisting in these areas too.

Child custody (now Decision Making and Parenting Time)
If you have children, the Arizona courts will try to create a decision making and parenting plan that allows the child to spend time with both parents. If you can agree, that's great. But, if you cannot agree, the issues of decision-making and parenting time can cause the most emotional strife and the most contentious trials. We have spent the last 30 years with the goal of helping clients work through the difficult issues to an amicable resolution that both parents agree is in their children's best interests. When an amicable resolution cannot be reached, we help them through the process of presenting the best case possible to the court, which may include mediation, parenting conference, or a comprehensive custody evaluation conducted by a court-appointed mental health professional. We will explain the various options available and do our best to protect your rights as a parent.

Child support
Arizona requires both parents to contribute to the support of their children after a divorce. The Arizona Child Support Guidelines and A.R.S. 25-320 provide the court with guidance to decide the issue of child support, allocation of income tax dependency and non-insured health care expenses, as well as other child related expenses. We can help calculate various child support scenarios based upon variable factors so that you can determine a reasonable and fair amount of child support in your specific case.

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