Domestic Violence & Child Neglect Cases

Domestic violence is the act of physically assaulting, attempting to harm, or threatening family members. Child neglect is the act of putting a child in direct danger due to extreme negligence. Both of these offenses can be prosecuted on a criminal level, but they are also handled in the family courts. At Stein and Stein, P.C. we can help you with the family law side of these situations.

How Domestic Violence Affects Divorce

Domestic violence can have a dramatic effect on the result of an Arizona divorce. If a spouse has proven to be abusive and dangerous, chances are that the courts will not allow the abusive spouse to have legal decision making (child custody) and may severely restrict parenting time or visitation. Also, the victimized spouse may receive a better portion of the assets during property division and may be entitled to higher amounts of spousal maintenance and child support.

Child Custody in Light of Domestic Violence or Negligence

When a parent is violent or negligent, that individual may lose custody (decision-making and parenting time rights) relating to his or her children. Whether parents are divorced or married, the government will investigate the situation and determine whether the household environment is best for the children affected. If both parents are violent or negligent, they may lose their children to another relative or the foster care system.

Compassionate Protection & Assistance

Our team of divorce lawyers in Mesa works to provide help to those who have been abused by a particularly violent or angry spouse or parent. We can assist clients in obtaining temporary restraining orders against a spouse, ex-spouse, and parent and can explain to clients how domestic violence or child neglect can affect a divorce petition.

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