Mediation Attorney in Mesa

Opening Negotiation and Dialogue

Our co-founding attorney, Maria Stein at Stein and Stein, P.C., is a trained mediator. She has been carefully trained in mediation methods and has over 30 years of experience as a practicing family law lawyer. She will do whatever is necessary for you to feel confident about your case and help you set and achieve your goals.

With her experience, we can assess your case and give you an accurate report of everything from the cost of your case to the strategy and the time frame. We work to be peacemakers in even the most contentious divorce cases. Behind Attorney Stein's skills, we open a dialogue with counsel and the parties to seek out areas of agreement and negotiate the most favorable acceptable resolution of the contested issues. We understand that our client's expect us to consistently make progress to reach your goals and move your case forward to the end, and she will do her best to make this happen.

Negotiation and dialogue is often better than litigation because:

  • It provides peaceful resolution to divorce disagreements.
  • It keeps the children out of court.
  • It saves you money on legal fees and court costs.
  • It is a less contentious approach to divorce.
  • It allows you to decide the terms of your divorce instead of a judge.
  • It gives you the ability to customize your divorce arrangements.
  • It can save you time as settled cases are typically resolved faster than litigious ones.

We Have Maintained a Tradition of Excellence for 30 Years

At Stein and Stein, P.C., we have achieved peaceful resolutions for divorcing couples in numerous cases over the past 30 years. Our accomplished team can work hard to reduce conflict and expenses in your divorce case using mediation. We can also handle post-divorce matters if you need to make modifications to your divorce decree. Call us today to get our divorce lawyers in Mesa on your side!

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