Property Division Lawyer in Mesa

It is important to protect your assets after a divorce by obtaining an appropriate valuation and making sure that you get full disclosure of all assets to your satisfaction. We will compassionately stand by you and employ legal discovery procedures, to your satisfaction, to discover assets and advocate your claims during a divorce. Your case will be effectively managed throughout the litigation.

Arizona is a community property state. A.R.S 25-318 provides for community property to be divided equitably, and that determination is subject to the court's review of the facts. The court should also affirm each party his / her own sole and separate property. When addressing property, the parties may also have differing opinions on the value and disposition. Our Mesa divorce lawyer has strong negotiation skills, and if the property has to be litigated, you can be confident that you will have an experienced trial litigator on your side.

Normally, most of a couple's assets are classified as community property when they decide to split. The longer that a couple has been together, the more difficult it will be for them to disentangle their community property and divide it in a fair manner.

We can help you determine an effective way to handle your community property estate if you are having difficulty making these decisions. Our firm will provide objective legal direction.

Professional Assistance with Property Division

When you are dividing your property, you will want a professional and compassionate lawyer to counsel you. We can represent you in the property division process and work to help you receive a fair amount of the assets that you worked hard to accumulate. Call us today to get more information.

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