Parenting Time

You know your schedule better than the courts do. You know when you are most available and when you will want your children with you the most. You also know your children better than the courts do and understand what is in their best interests. You also want to protect your children from the turmoil of a "custody battle." These are reasons why we want to help you create a parenting time schedule that fits your lifestyle and is in your children's best interests.

If you and the other parent are not on good terms and can't work out a parenting time schedule together, the court will have the responsibility to create one for you. As part of the process, the parents may attend a Parenting Conference or participate in a comprehensive custody evaluation. The children may be interviewed.

Keeping Both Parents Involved

The Arizona courts want to keep both parents involved in children's lives as long as doing so is safe and in their best interests. The court also encourages parents to both be involved in child-related activities such as sports games, recitals, plays, or school events. If possible, parents should coordinate a steady and consistent schedule to guarantee that both parents will be actively involved in the children's lives.

There are many different parenting time schedules that are possible. The key is to find the one that both parents agree to and is in the best interests of the children. After listening to you explain your situation, our firm can suggest parenting time schedules that may work for you and your children. We will work with you to find a parenting time arrangement which specifies the regular weekly schedule, holidays, vacation, and other issues.

Modification of Parenting Time and Relocation
Maybe you have parenting time schedule in place with a Court order, but it isn't working well for the children anymore. Or maybe you want to relocate out of state for health, employment or other reasons? Before filing anything with the court, you should consult with Stein and Stein, P.C. to determine your probability of success, and to find out your rights and options. Modifications of decision-making and parenting time are addressed in A.R.S. 25-411 and applicable case law. There are specific rules in relocation cases that must be followed in A.R.S 25-408. An experienced family law attorney can guide you through the necessary requirements to make sure your case is effectively presented. We have effectively represented clients in court in both modification and relocation cases.

Assisting East Valley Residents with Decision Making & Parenting Plans

Our co-founding attorney, Maria Stein at Stein and Stein, P.C., has substantial experience negotiating creative child-focused decision-making and parenting time agreements when possible. If agreements cannot be reached, we assertively and effectively advocate our client's positions at trial to help maximize their probability of success. The goal is to maximize each parent's time in a healthy and appropriate arrangement that is in the best interests of the children. There are many different parenting time schedules, and the options are almost limitless if both parents agree. Maintaining child-focused discussions is helpful to work toward resolution. We provide excellent service through a difficult time with compassionate guidance. Call our firm to learn more.

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